General Contracting

Under Construction Management at Risk (CM@Risk), the Owner holds separate contracts for architectural/engineering services and construction. When Sheehy comes on board early as your general contractor, we work closely with your architect to examine materials, systems and equipment for cost, quality and availability. We then perform constructability reviews and offer value engineering suggestions. With our general contracting services, we focus the entire team on the collaboration of efforts to find the best solutions for your construction project. The common goal of finishing a project on time and under budget can be achieved with a cost based approach, working in partnership with the owner and the design team.

A professional approach to construction, Construction Management is characterized by:

  • A qualifications selection process
  • Reduced risk through establishment of GMP
  • A collaborative team approach during design development
  • Cost control and ongoing value analysis
  • Capitalizing on the competitive subcontractor bid market
  • Substantial time savings by overlapping phases